Where are your products made?

All our products are handmade in Montreal.

Do you have a boutique?

We do not have a shop at the moment, we operate by appointment at the workshop. To make an appointment write to us!

How can I find a retailer near my home to try your products?


Am I the same size in all styles?

Because we make every custom and custom hats, you must absolutely measure your head circumference in order to place your order. Once the measure is taken, it is good for all our hats.

How can I measure my head?

Click here!

Hat taking care


The best place to store a hat is in a box. If you do not have it, put it on a shelf with the cap stuffed with paper or a hook on the wall. If the hat rim falls, store your paper-filled hat upside down for a while. * NEVER PLACE HIS HAT ON A SHELF IF THE BOWL HAS REPEATED A LITTLE FOLD. IT WILL NOT REPRESENT ORIGINAL SHAPE, IT WILL REMAIN CURVED. * Always wear your hat from below, at the front and back of the rim to maintain its shape.


Always handle your hat with clean hands. Felt hats can gather moss or dust. To clean it, take a velvet brush, an adhesive roller or a clothes brush. Go soft with your hat, the more you handle it carefully, the longer it will accompany you. try to prevent this from happening, but if your hat is stained, use a damp cloth to wipe it, but be careful not to wet it, as this may distort your hat. From time to time, consider putting an aerosol spray on your hat following the instructions and let it dry for 24 hours.


Your felt hat is distorted? Try this: Over a saucepan of boiling water, put it in the steam, give it its original shape and stuff it with paper. Let dry 24 hours. Otherwise contact us to make an appointment. Avoid letting it dry in the sun or near an intense heat source to prevent it from shrinking. For straw hats, you can ONLY work it with steam, if needed. Your hat is wet (too much rain or fallen in the water)? Give it back its original shape and let it dry completely, 24 hours. When it is dry, brush gently. The felt hat always remembers its original shape. So do not be afraid to wander with it in the rain, but be sure to let it dry and then follow the directions for storage and cleaning. For straw hats, you do not have to go in the pouring rain, it is more delicate. in a fine rain, there is no problem. But again, the secret is to ALWAYS let your hat dry before putting it back on.


Whether you are a photographer, blogger, model, Instagramer or other, if you want to collaborate with us on a project, send us an email here or on facebbok and instagram and tell us about yourself and your project!

If I place my order today, when will it be shipped?

All our hats and leather accessories are made by hand. You must count 1 to 2 weeks for manufacturing time and delivery. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification with a tracking number. All orders will be shipped via Canada Post. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your order after receiving follow-up. If you have any questions about the usual delivery times to your address, please email blackburnhatraymond@gmail.com for more information.

Where does my order come from?

We ship all our orders out of our workshop in Montreal.

Combien de temps prend l'expédition?

All deliveries are made with Canada Post.

Provide a delivery time (standard package):

Province of Quebec: 1-2 business days

Canada: 2 to 8 business days

US: 10 to 16 working days International: 3 to 5 weeks

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Note that packages sent to the US and internationally do not always include a tracking number. If you want one, write to us. In addition, be advised that the price of the delivery may be subject to change depending on your country.

How much does the shipment cost?

The province of Quebec 18 $

The rest of Canada Canada $ 25 United States $ 25

International $ 40

Can I choose to expedite shipping?

Yes, please contact us by email at blackburnhatraymond@gmail.com or by facebook.

Can you help with a lost package?

We send the package in a box to this effect and we take good care to make adequate packaging for your product arrives in excellent condition. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by Canada Post. If you say you have not received the item in question, no refund will be issued until a mail theft report is filed with your post office and sent to us. If the item is reported lost in the post system, we will either make a refund or a new item to replace it. If your package is lost, please email us at blackburnhatraymond@gmail.com so we can contact the carrier and solve the problem.

International taxes and fees


All customs fees, taxes, import fees, etc. that can be loaded when receiving the parcel are controlled by the tax regulations of your country. Blackburn&Raymond is not responsible for these charges as we can not predict them. For additional information please contact your local customs agency. We do not accept any returns due to these charges. This link could help you: http://www.dutycalculator.com/

What is your return policy?

We strive to make each image as close to reality as it is. We take several angles of photos to give you the best possible sight.

As all our hats are handmade to match your head measurements, we do not offer any exchanges or refunds. In order to properly choose and have all the details on the item you want to buy, you can look at this page or write to us at blackburnetraymond@gmail.com or by facebook so that we can answer your questions.

You can cancel an order within 24 hours after purchase. You must email us at blackburnetraymond@gmail.com or by facebook stating your name, the date of your purchase and the order number.

Once you have received your hat, you will be able to make adjustments or modifications to our workshop in Montreal, by appointment and in person. Ask for the terms and fees apply.