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Blackburn & Raymond are two artists hatmakers based in Montreal: Maha-Leïssa Morin Doré and Julie Roy. The hat making of being a profession of old time, they wanted to pay homage to two women who were for them great ladies of inspiration: their respective grandmothers! The idea of aming their company with the maiden name of these women came naturally for Maha and Julie who wished to revive a trade coveted to exploit it with modernity.

Having themselves found it difficult to find a hat in Montreal that resembled them, the desire for traditional manufacturing was born for the founders as a goal to make the hat modern and accessible to everyone. By adding the ability to tailor and fully choose the aesthetics of the hat, Blackburn&Raymond revives a forgotten concept and adapts it to the world today.

Black'N'Ray's expertise in finding out-of-the-ordinary items, organic and rare stuff they use as a garnish is not new. The inspiration comes as much from the artistic past of the two hatmakers as other hatters from around the world, bohemian culture, music and travels. Black'N'Ray's mission is to make the right hat for everyone and to be worn no matter the occasion. We have the hat so that everyone can find the rare pearl corresponding to his style and personality!


in workshop

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Julie Roy

Grandma Denise Raymond

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Our Precious

The drying time is a little long. After molding the hat, we have to let it dry for at least 18 hours. Summer outside, it's always nicer!

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Maha-Leïssa Morin Doré

Grandma Candide Blackburn

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Grosgrain - Inner Ribbon

We take good care to choose each ribbon inside your hat! It changes according to the color of the felt and the straw. Sometimes flowery, plain and with different patterns, it is the discreet touch, but that makes its charm.

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Women at work

All our hats are handmade in the workshop. We mold, remodel and add the finishing to make everyone's hat unique!

Chapelières - Blackburn&Raymond - Montréal

Head measurement

It's the inner ribbon, commonly called grosgrain for hatters, that determines the exact size of your hat. We must first mold it to the right size and it is the ribbon that will adjust to the centimeter the size of the hat.